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The Oslo Peace Process – A View from Within

March 1, 1999 – New Political Entities in Public and Private International Law

The Establishment of a Civil Administration in the Areas Administered by Israel

January 1, 1982 – Israel Yearbook on Human Rights

No Palestinian “Return” to Israel

January 1, 2001 – ABA Journal

Anziska’s “Preventing Palestine”: An Exchange (1) Joel Singer’s Review

February 13, 2019 – Fathom

Path to Peace?

May 6, 2002 – Legal Times

Israeli End-Game

April 1, 2000 – Middle East Insight

The Emerging Palestinian Democracy Under The West Bank and Gaza Strip Self-Government Arrangements

September 1, 1997 – Israel Yearbook on Human Rights

Mayday for Oslo

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April 1, 1999 – The National Interest

The Oslo Accords – International Law and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreements (Book Review)

April 1, 2002 – Middle East Quarterly

Counterpoint: No Palestinian ‘Return’ to Israel

January 4, 2001 – Human Rights Brief, American University Washington College of Law